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Some of the simplest types of dishes to make are the “one-pot-wonders”… the meals you don’t have to dirty up a bunch of pots n pans and keep track of different things cooking at different times. This just happens to be one of those types of meals. Well probably not usually, but I have a tendency to make things simple 😉

Start out by cooking some pasta. Whatever kind you enjoy. Strain it and leave it in the strainer. Use the same pot you cooked the pasta in to melt some butter (maybe half a stick or so). Add a little olive oil to the butter, and your favorite spices. I used garlic (I always use garlic), ground celery seed, salt, pepper, a tiny bit of minced onion and a tiny bit of paprika.

Mmmm scallops

Now toss in a handful or three of thawed scallops and just as much shrimp. These don’t take long to cook so as soon as you see them turning a bit white (rather than the kind of clear look they have) and the shrimp don’t look so “pink”… you’re ’bout done with em.

They should look about like this.

They should look about like this.

Take the scallops n shrimp out of the pot. You can put em right on top of the pasta while they wait. Save all that good stuff in the pot though.

Scoop out the solid goodies. Save the liquid goodies.

Scoop out the solid goodies. Save the liquid goodies.

Just set em on the noodles.

Just set em on the noodles. I mean, why dirty a dish when it’s all goin back in the pot?

Now is the time to throw more butter into that pot. Like at least another half a stick. Pour in some heavy cream. I probably used about a cup or so. [Can you tell I don’t measure stuff?] Add about a half to two-thirds of a cup of milk. Just to give it more liquid, but ya don’t want to ‘water’ it down.


ok, maybe some more butter

ok, maybe some more butter

So I decided to add some more butter. Hey, that’s ok. Whatever.

Once all that extra butter (’cause I’m crazy) melts you can start adding the cheese/es. I used mostly parm, but I also added a little colby n cheddar to mix things up a bit. Do it however you like, but I highly recommend the parm. Lots of it.


Probably a good 5 or 6 oz of cheese. Stir it while it melts a bit to keep it from clumping or sticking. You’re almost done!

Ready? Throw all the noodles n seafood back in the pot. (Wait. Don’t “throw”. It’s hot. Safely slide.) Now mix it all up an voila! Yum.

all together

My Hubs likes salt waaay more than I do, so salt n pepper it from this point however you like. If you think it looks a little plain you can garnish it with some greenery. Pretty much anything will work. Not mint. Don’t do mint. Parsley works.

What do you think? Was that simple enough? Fill me in with a little feedback. Thanks.