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I learned an interesting lesson today.
I received several calls followed by a couple voicemails and texts this morning while I was sleeping in. Mind you, I’d been getting up early (early for me) for the past several days and was reeeeaaally appreciating being all snuggled up with my daughter… in lala land.
The first call or two didn’t wake me. The text did. I ignored it. Then a string of back-to-back calls and voicemail alerts got my attention. “This must be serious!” I thought as I reached for the phone.
“This is not serious”, as I read the text. “This is not news, this is not important, this is already being handled… this is not worth bothering me with”. All of these complaints run through my head as I call the person back to give them peace of mind. To politely let them know that the situation already has a resolution in the works and that all is well.
This is where I should have crawled back into bed and had smishy kid cuddles.
Note to self: Always go with the smishy kid cuddles.
Instead I decide (in my half awake state) that my affronted ego needs an outlet.
Now I’m not much of a Facebook complainer. Sure I’ve done the occasional “look how I hurt myself” post, or the “my house is such a wreck” grievance, but that’s not the norm for me. I usually share artwork (mine or my child’s), pics of her, funny things that happened, funny things she said… you know, light hearted and family-centric stuff. Oh yeah… and food 😉
Facebook seems to be a good place for others to toss their dirty laundry. Why, Facebook would be the perfect place for me to get this injustice aired. The person it pertains to doesn’t even use Facebook.
So I type the message on my phone (even pause to consider before pressing send whether I should back out). Txt: “5 calls in 5 minutes when it’s NOT an emergency is NOT acceptable”… and … send.
Hop in bed.
Approximately 3 minutes later I JUMP out of bed with (I’m sure) the most panicked look on my face. “Did I send that to Facebook!?”
In fact I had sent it directly to the person it was “meant for”. I felt horrible. “How do I fix this? What do I say to back out of this? To make up for this?” You see, this was not some friend from childhood, some parent of another child, some neighbor… this was my Mother-in-law! Oh the horror.
I started to send a follow up text explaining that I had typed that before calling (when I was still half asleep and ticked). Explaining that I had decided against sending the text once I’d talked to her.
“Beep Beep. You’ve got mail.”
Oh, she responded. That means she’s already seen it. Great.
She couldn’t believe that I would “give her lessons in proper phone etiquette”. That, of course, was not my intention. I look like a jerk, but really I’m just an idiot. The rest of the morning was sprinkled with my apology texts.
She will never see me the same way. Maybe that’s a good thing. Doubt it.
I guess my faux pas was not really an “fb faux pas” since the message never made it to Facebook, but I will not be posting any complaints like this. That’s for sure. My “attempts” to post will only be good-natured. The laundry I air will be glistening white.

Have you made this type of mistake?
By the way… If you are my Mother-in-law… I cannot possibly express how deeply sorry I truly am.