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MMMmmm Who doesn’t love cheesecake balls? Well I’m sure someone doesn’t… but no one I know 😉
cb01cheesecakeballs MainPhoto

So you basically start out making something similar to cheesecake without the things that require it to be baked. Namely eggs.

Set three packages of cream cheese (8 oz each) and a stick of butter out to soften. Once soft, you’ll want to beat those together with about 2/3 cup sugar. [You can use powdered sugar or granulated sugar in this recipe, but powdered will give you a better texture. I actually poured the tiniest bit of milk into the granulated sugar to dissolve it just enough to be smooth in the cream cheese.] Add a little vanilla if you like. (I did).


Yummy creamy goodness. Now here comes the most important part…


Scoop up a glob of that stuff and give ‘er a taste test. Or two or three. That’s integral to this thing turning out right. Seriously, it’s a must. 😉

Put that in the fridge to stiffen up a bit. In a separate bowl melt about a half stick of butter and toss in some sugar (probably 1/4 cup or so) and some crushed graham crackers (about a cup and a half worth).

it looks like I have more sugar than crumbs in there, but seriously I added more crumbs ;)

it looks like I have more sugar than crumbs in there, but seriously I added more crumbs 😉

Once your cream cheese mixture is stiff enough to roll into balls… do that. Roll balls that are about a teaspoon or so worth into the crumb mixture. I got to the point where I stopped actually rolling them and just dumped a spoonful into the crumbs and let them kind of take their own shape.



You can set up a little assembly station (the kiddos like this part). Once you have a fair amount rolled up (ie: you fill up a pan, sheet, or box as I have) place them back in the fridge to stiffen back up. Put whatever unused cream mixture you have left back in the fridge to stiffen up also.


While those are cooling. Mix up a batch of chocolate to drizzle over the tops. Just put some chocolate chips (I used semisweet) in a bowl or jar (maybe half a bag) with some lard or butter. I used both… a couple big glops. (don’t ask me how much that is… a quarter cup?)


Nuke that for 30 seconds. Stir. Repeat…


Until smooth (you can reheat occasionally if you need to thin it as it thickens while you’re using it).

cb01cheesecakeballs MainPhoto

Drizzle over the cheesecake balls. Repeat the whole process for the rest of the cream mixture and voila you have a big ole batch of ultra yummy treats!


Keep them cool (or even frozen) until time to serve… they get soft really fast. I had a bunch left over from our Easter get together and put them in a ziplock in the freezer… I just pop a frozen one in my mouth when I want something sweet and they’re not rock hard like you’d expect. If you want them a little softer, they soften at room temp in literally minutes. Enjoy!

There are a billion ways to change this up… add ins, cocoa, rolled in nuts… Maybe I’ll have to do a blog post about all the different ways you can alter these babies. Try this recipe and let me know what you think.