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Before I became a parent I was a pretty easy going, laid back and fun individual. At least I’d like to think so. I had; however; a few preconceived notions about parenting and the sort of things I would allow my future children to do. I always pictured myself having certain rules and regulations in place. Some of those worked out.

My family loved living in the country. In the middle of nowhere. We were used to being able to walk out to the garden and not see another house nearby, or even in sight. When we found ourselves moving right into the middle of town we discovered there were a handful of unexpected changes to get used to. One of those was the fact that we would now be constantly surrounded by people. People whose behavior and language I didn’t approve of around my child. If we were to enjoy an outdoor activity, it would have to either be on the sidewalk or at a park. Unfortunately for us, being the private types, both of those places were filled with people. I don’t mind people. I’m actually fairly social when I’m on my own and enjoy meeting strangers, networking, think tanking or just sharing stories.Β  I really like it when my daughter meets a nice little girl her age to play with. But the majority of the people we would encounter were loud mouthed, cussin’ teens and young adults that were not at all decent examples for my young, impressionable daughter.

We found ourselves doing things ‘inside’ a lot. Somewhere along the way I lost my previous notion that bubbles were to be blown outside. Somewhere I lost the notion that messy projects needed a prepped work space. The kitchen became our science lab and the living room became our art studio. My preconceived ideas of a tidy home with designated work stations melted away, replaced by life’s (at least my life’s) reality of unfinished projects perched next to the couch waiting for a good time to finish them and gooey science projects mingling with last night’s dishes.

bubbles in the house

Blow bubbles in the house. It really is ok.

bubbles 2

It’s actually quite fun.

Sometimes we alter an existing game to make it suitable for indoor play.

We added a hair tie to this balloon for weight to have a ball safe for inside use.

We added a hair tie to this balloon for weight to have a ball safe for inside use.

Although I probably need to add the disclaimer that it is important to get outside and have some exercise in the sunshine there are millions of projects you can do with your kiddos indoors. Things you can do when the weather is bad. Or in our case… things you can do when the neighbors are screaming profanity at the tops of their lungs at each other. (We will be moving soon enough.)

I’ve compiled a list of cool things and their links below. Some we’ve tried. Some we have yet to try… but they’re all on the “to do” list. πŸ˜‰

That’s really just the tip of the iceberg. I do believe I’ll have to share some of the fun experiments we’ve done (and are planning to do) in the near future. Guess I better start taking more pictures πŸ˜‰

Do you have a fun indoor activity you’d like to share? Please do πŸ™‚